Just in time for its 75th birthday, the State Theatre’s youthful glory has been restored.

Our team worked tirelessly to bring the best of the past together with modern, cutting-edge technology for a state-of-the-art cinematic experience. From picture-perfect recreations of the original carpet from 1942 to updated movie projection and sound systems, every detail recaptures the State Theatre’s Art Deco magic while ensuring the best film-going experience available.

State’s History

1942:   The State Theatre, designed by renowned architect C. Howard Crane, opened with the romantic comedy “The Fleet’s In.”

1977:  Divided into a four-screen multiplex by Butterfield Theatres.

1987:  Sold to Tom Borders, who redesigned the theater’s main floor for retail and mothballed the second floor balcony.

1992:  Balcony reopened as a two-screen second-run film theater.

1997:  Sold to a local investor group.

1999:  Michigan Theater contracted to provide film programming and marketing services.

2007:  Michigan Theater board and staff created a contingency plan to respond to a possible threat to the State Theatre.

2014:  Michigan Theater purchased the State Theatre cinemas to preserve and improve them.

2016:   The State Theatre closed for renovations.

2017:   A rejuvenated State Theatre reopened in December, featuring 4 screens, comfortable reserved seating, improved accessibility, and an expanded concessions menu.

The State Theatre Through the Years