New Theatre, New Seats!



is one of our key goals in planning the renovation of the State Theatre. Excellent viewing angles, more legroom and comfortable seats will be features of the new State Theatre.


The new seats

will have modern, high-back chairs, cup holders for your favorite beverage and lots of legroom. The fabric has been carefully selected for both elegance and durability.

Best of all, you can sponsor a seat yourself!

We are offering everyone in the community an opportunity to participate in the State’s renovation in a very meaningful—and affordable—way!

We need your help.

Please join in and leave a lasting legacy to show that you were a vital part of making the renovation possible.

Play a Vital Role in the State Theatre Renovation!

Your message will be inscribed on a prominent brass plaque on the armrest of your seat(s). Your plaque can feature:

  • A memorial for your deceased parent, friend or loved one
  • Recognition of your child for a special achievement
  • A romantic tribute to you and your spouse or significant other
  • A simple, straight forward plaque with your name

To encourage everyone to get involved,

we have a 5-year payment option allowing you to pay for your seat in affordable installments. If you are a member, that is $300 a year for five years —less than $1 a day! Or you can pay at once if you prefer.

All seat sponsorships are 100% tax deductible.

Please help support the State & Michigan Project

in this unique and enduring way. Every time that you visit the State Theatre, you can visit your own special seat. Every time someone sits in that seat—this year, next year, and for generations to come—they will see the generous gift that you made when it was needed most.


  • Today: the project needs the financial support to complete the work.
  • Tomorrow: Your gift will be publicly recognized with gratitude.
  • Forever: You will leave a legacy for your children and grandchildren to see and touch and be inspired by.

You are invited to leave a lasting legacy

Click below to download the Seat Sponsor Form. You can turn in your completed form at Guest Services in the Michigan Theater.